Your Questions Matter to Us!

Asking questions is the best way for us to help ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your unique dental needs and treatment options. Dr. Aulino appreciates the opportunity to listen to your concerns and to answer any questions that you might have. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that he receives, as well as his responses to those questions. Please keep in mind that every situation is unique to the patient, and we encourage you to address your needs with Dr. Aulino directly.

1. What services do you offer that could help me?
We offer a wide array of general and cosmetic dentistry services to promote good oral health and to enhance your smile. Because every patient is unique, Dr. Aulino meets with patients individually to address their concerns, complete a diagnostic review of their oral and dental needs, and then works with the patient to develop a treatment plan that best meets their personal needs and goals. Visit our services page (link) for a list of treatment options, and be sure to discuss your questions and care plan directly with Dr. Aulino and his team.

2. Will it hurt?
While we provide gentle, compassionate care in a spa-like setting, some patients may benefit from ibuprofen or other options to help control mild, temporary pain that may accompany some procedures. In addition, some patients may experience anxiety associated with visits to the dentist, or may have certain medical conditions that can restrict their care and comfort during exams and procedures. That’s why Dr. Aulino offers oral conscious sedation, when appropriate, to help patients cope more comfortably with dental appointments. To plan the best treatment options for your dental needs, discuss your concerns with our team. Dr. Aulino will review your medical history and prescribe the most safe and effective medication specific for you. Be sure to discuss your current medications, any allergies or reactions to medications.

3. How long do treatments take?
The time necessary for patient treatment is directly related to the extent of the treatment required. In many case, general dental care and treatments - and even some cosmetic treatments - are accomplished during a single, one-day visit. However, your individual needs and treatment plan will dictate the appointment and treatment time. Please discuss your questions with Dr. Aulino so you can plan your appointment time accordingly.

4. What about my dental insurance? Will it cover my treatment?
Meeting the oral health needs of patients is Dr. Aulino’s first priority. Our practice works with insurance plans that offer out-of-network dental provider options, and we help patients explore all options for payment. For all dental procedures, we accept checks, cash, all major credit cards and Care Credit.

5. What is the process for a smile makeover?
Every individual is unique. That’s why Dr. Aulino offers custom, personalized care to best meet your personal needs. In advance of any cosmetic dentistry treatment, Dr. Aulino works closely with patients to determine the best approach for their smile makeover. Using models and diagnostics in the high-quality laboratory setting, we can create and show patients a proposed outcome. Then photography and photographic mock ups augment our vision and give patients the opportunity to communicate their wishes before we begin treatment. This way, we can work together to refine your smile and make any changes to achieve ideal, long-lasting aesthetic outcomes for our patients.